Terms of Service

Terms & Conditions

MassagePricer.com will require only limited personal information in order to function as tool for Customers and Suppliers to connect.

MassagePricer.com requires the information of a valid location and email address to carry out our core functionality.

MassagePricer.com has no interest in sharing this information with 3rd parties and will do everything within our means to keep your information secure at all times. MassagePricer.com will let you know immediately in the unlikely event that any relevant information about you is accessed maliciously by a 3rd party.

Any disagreements over the interpretation of this agreement will be resolved through binding, informal arbitration. Both of us agree to hire a non-involved lawyer, submit up to five pages of material to state our case, and abide by her decision.

Relationships between MassagePricer.com, Suppliers and Customers

Wattle Street Investments Pty Ltd ABN: 69 161 530 632 owns and operates the website referred to as MassagePricer.com.  The MassagePricer website is located at  www.MassagePricer.com

Independent Entity

Customers must understand and agree that MassagePricer.com acts solely as an Independent Entity and takes no responsibility for Services outside those described above (“Services”).

MassagePricer.com is not in any way responsible or liable to you or any person for or in connection with the Services provided by any Supplier.

MassagePricer.com receives no payment for the services (detailed below) that connect the Customer and Supplier


  1. The Site allows Customers to create a Brief of their required services.
  2. This Brief is then distributed to Suppliers within the Massage Supply Network who have 45 minutes to provide their responses (“Quotes”).
  3. The Quotes are returned in summary to the Customer via a single email, to the email address provided by the Customer when creating their Brief.
  4. The Customer can then find further information about each Quote by navigating the MassagePricer.com website.
  5. The information made public to the Customer is determined by the Supplier, including what (if any) contact details.
  6. Supplier contact details can be used by the Customer in order to contact the Supplier and accept their Quote.

By accessing or using the Site you agree to be bound by the MassagePricer.com Terms of Service and MassagePricer.com Privacy Policy.


Customers booking any Services with a Supplier they have connected with using MassagePricer.com should be aware they are entering a direct relationship with the Supplier and are subject to the Suppliers’ Terms of Service and the relevant Terms and Conditions applicable to a booking.


Alterations to Briefs and Quotes may occur after initial Services are provided by MassagePricer.com.  These changes are between the Customer and Supplier and are set out in the Suppliers own Terms and Conditions.


MassagePricer.com does not charge for our service of connecting Customers with Supplier


Unless otherwise specified, all Quotes from Suppliers are inclusive of GST.

Australian Consumer Law

  1. Under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), consumers have certain rights, which cannot be excluded, including (without limitation) guarantees and/or warranties as to the acceptable quality and fitness for purpose of goods and services provided to them.
  2. Nothing in these Terms of Service will be read or applied so as to exclude, restrict or modify or have the effect of excluding, restricting or modifying any condition, warranty, guarantee, right or remedy implied by law (including the ACL) and which by law cannot be excluded, restricted or modified.
  3. Any express warranty given in these Terms of Service is in addition to and does not limit your rights under the ACL.


Without limiting your rights under Australian Consumer Law, Customers and Suppliers acknowledge that:

  1. MassagePricer.com makes no warranty or representation as to the fitness or suitability of any Services or Supplier; and
  2. MassagePricer.com will not be liable for any losses, damages, liability, claims or expenses (whatsoever and irrespective of whether direct, indirect or consequential) arising from the use of or connected with our Site or the Services, any Supplier and/or any other any goods or services in connection with the Site, and/or any software accessible from the Site.
  3. Subject to Australian Consumer Law and to the extent permitted by law, we exclude all warranties, conditions and terms other than those expressly set out in these Terms of Service, including (without limitation) as to the operation of the booking service on the Site and the provision of any Services by any Supplier listed on the Site.
  4. Subject to Australian Consumer Law, you release us and our agents, employees and contractors to the fullest extent permitted by law from all claims and demands resulting from any accident, damage, loss, injury or death arising from your use of any services made available from the Site (including booking services), the Services and the Service Providers engaged by your use of the Site or any linked site (or any part of it).


  1. You may notify us about any complaints or issues in connection with any Services or any other services accessed via the Site. Please forward any complaints: (a) by mail to MassagePricer Customer Service, c/-o Wattle Street Investments Pty Ltd, PO Box 705, Alexandria NSW 1435 (b) by email to: hello@MassagePricer.com
  2. Prior to commencing any proceedings you agree to participate in discussions with MassagePricer.com and/or the Supplier for a period of 14 days from the date you give notice of your complaint
  3. Any disagreements over the interpretation of this agreement will be resolved through binding, informal arbitration. Both of us agree to hire a non-involved lawyer, submit up to five pages of material to state our case, and abide by her decision.
  4. This provision will not operate to prevent any party from commencing Court proceedings for urgent or interlocutory relief.


  1. The laws of New South Wales, Australia, govern these Terms of Service. For information on how we deal with your personal information please refer to our Privacy Policy which is accessible at www.MassagePricer.com/privacy
  2. Our failure to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these Terms of Service will not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.
  3. The terms of use located on the Site and these Terms of Service constitute the entire agreement between you and MassagePricer.com and govern your use of the Site, including (without limitation) any software or booking systems accessible at or from the Site, and supersede any prior agreements or arrangements between you and us, including (without limitation) any prior versions of the Terms of Service.
  4. If anything in these Terms of Service is unenforceable, illegal or void, then it is severed and the rest of these conditions remain in force.
  5. If we change these Terms of Service we will publish an updated version under the ‘Terms of Use’ link on the Site. Your access or use of the Site after an updated version of these Terms of Service has been made available on the Site indicates your acceptance of the Terms of Service as changed by us.


You may send questions about these Terms of Service to: hello@MassagePricer.com