Customer FAQ

How Much Does Massage Cost?

Massage prices will vary depending on factors specific to each Supplier (most usually between $50 - $150 / hr)

MassagePricer.com does not charge Customers or Suppliers to interact.

Customers deal directly with Suppliers if they find a Quote that meets their Brief.


How Much Does MassagePricer.com Charge?

MassagePricer.com charges no commissions - no fees - nothing.

In the future we aim to sell software to massage suppliers that helps them manage their time and branding.

How Long Until I Get A Quote?

During business hours 9:00am - 6:00pm AEST (Monday to Friday), we offer a 1-hour turn around on Quotes.
If your enquiry is outside of business hours it will be answered within the first hour of the next business day.

What Are The Terms and Conditions Of Service?

Quotes are subject to each Suppliers Terms and Conditions of Service as outlined in their Profile.

Who Can Create A Brief?

Anyone can use MassagePricer.com to tell Suppliers of massage what they need i.e create a Brief.

The job could be for 1 or 100 recipients. The massages could be 5-minutes or a whole day. You tell us what you're after and we get the Massage Supplier Network to quote (and quickly).

From there it us up to you to assign the work or not.

Our clients include the "public" and other Massage Suppliers looking to sub-contract work.

Who Are The Suppliers

Suppliers are companies and individual sole-traders that provide massage.

There is a diversity of Suppliers including recent graduates, corporate health companies, sports massage professionals and more

You can review the details of each Supplier when you review the quotes that are made in response to your Brief.

Supplier FAQ

Why Join The Massage Supplier Network?
  1. We provide Briefs for work in your area of operation.  In other words you get access to qualified leads.
  2. Everyone has the capacity to respond on Briefs. No favouritism. The only rule is reply quickly or miss out.
  3. We charge no commissions for work you get via MassagePricer.com and present your responses to any Brief "as is" - the price you quote is the price the customer sees and the price the customer expects to pay.

As part of the Supply Network you also get information and technology to help grow your business.

What Sort Of Briefs Do Clients Provide?

MassagePricer.com receives Briefs from the "public" for all types of massage from short, seated massages for their workplace to long-format massage for themselves.

Briefs are also posted by other Massage Suppliers in the network who need sub-contracting assistance in order to service clients.

Sub-contracting is popular whilst Suppliers are on leave, or if they gain clients in another geographic area or clients who require more than just them.

How Does MassagePricer.com Make Money?

We don’t charge for our service. To keep it free we need users like you to share the word about our existence.

Quotes are presented to the Customers "as-is".

No Commissions. No Booking Fees. Nothing.

We intend to make money in the future providing in-field software that helps you get cross-sales and recurring clients.  This software is still in development.

How Did MassagePricer.com Start?

MassagePricer.com was created in Australia for one of the largest providers of corporate massage to advise suppliers of upcoming sub-contracted work opportunities.

The Founder (Andrew Ward) saw this service might help other massage businesses with their sub-contracting and the idea to "open source" it to other companies and promote it to clients just grew from there.